I’ve been sad the last two days. I made the mistake of spending a cuddle night with the love of my life. It hurt so much to let him leave.

I wish I could climb inside of him and fix his broken parts. I’ve felt many types of love, but this one is sickening. It ceases my logic. I become what I’d imagine a meth addict is like.

I either need his love to a point of sickness and pain, or I have to put him out of my thoughts and life completely. There is no in-between, there is no happy medium, no compromise.

We can’t be anything. We are the definition of toxic. It destroys my insides. I love him far more than he could ever love me. There’s nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice for him.

I’ve never felt so negligent. I’ve never thought another human could disrupt my thought process in such a way. My decision making skills become shot and my ability to move forward comes to an abrupt stop.